TV Wall Mounting


EasyTV can visit and advise you on the best wall and position to have your flat screen TV wall mounted to provide optimal viewing for everyone in the room.

We can upon request supply and install the adequate TV bracket / trunking / cables / leads / LED lighting to compliment your televisions functions. For example: HDMI, Optical, coaxial, AV, Ethernet, USB cables / leads.

Having agreed this with you we can then proceed with the work, TV installation either straight onto the wall on a low profile TV bracket or with a bespoke swivel and tilt system.  We will hide the cabling for you /refill with plaster and leave the site ready for painting.

We service homes and commercial sites such as care homes/new builds and we will also move your TV for you when you are moving house.

We can also install a FREEVIEW compatible TV aerial or even an HD system from Freesat or Sky. We want to make sure that you’re LED/LCD/ plasma TV installation focuses on your TV viewing rather than unsightly cabling.

Because I am a sole trader it is my business to ensure that you are happy with the service I provide.


There really are two main reasons:


By having your TV on a bracket on the wall you can free up space in your chosen room. Also with cable concealment you will get rid of those showing wires!


If you have young children and you have just spent lots of cash on your new smart TV then by having your TV out of reach from little hands which wipe all kinds of food / drink on your very expensive TV and at worse "Buzz Lightyear" may play a game on the TV causing scratches to your pride and joy!


With years of experience of specializing in TV wall mounting whether it be houses/clubs/public houses/high rise flats, we can assist in maximizing your home viewing experience and provide other services such as the installation of a Freeview compatible TV aerial or satellite feed to compliment your televisions digital capability……


Or even a HIGH DEFINITION system from Freesat to take advantage of the latest in home entertainment technology!


Do you have a XBOX or PS4 and want fast speeds, then we can offer additional cat5/Ethernet installation as opposed to wireless to take full advantage of your internet speed. We can also run an Ethernet cable direct to your new or existing wall mounted TV so you can surf the net very quickly.




Most frequent questions and answers

EasyTV can fully install any Plasma TV Screen or LCD/LED TV digital television to your requirements, and ensure all your home entertainment systems are fully configured to operate correctly with your new addition, whether it is terrestrial television, Sky TV installation, digital TVFreesat, Laptop, PS4, XBOX or your DVD system. We will install your LCD/LED or Plasma digital TV to a very high standard, using a suitable TV bracket, wall mountings and cable routing to your digital entertainment systems, Video & DVD players or as per your own unique requirements.

EasyTV can also supply the adequate wall bracket and cabling for your Plasma or LCD/LED TV system, and an engineer can visit to discuss requirements for the viewing area and plan the installation with you before we undertake installing the plasma or LCD/LED screen.

We can supply suitable TV wall brackets for all scenario’s, from 13″ Plasma or LCD/LED televisions, up to 60″ televisions! We can also supply fixed wall mount brackets, vertically tilting brackets (to achieve optimum viewing at eye level) and swing out articulated TV brackets, providing various positions for your television depending on your room layout and design.

Furthermore, we can also provide quotations for any digital system upgrades so you can to take full advantage of new technologies your digital television brings, such as HD High Definition TV from Freesat or Freeview, or if your TV has an integrated Freeview tuner, we can provide the installation of a digital compatible TV aerial to complement this.