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EasyTV have 20 years of experience in the industry servicing domestic and commercial TV systems, TV Aerial repair and Satellite installation and repairs. We thrive on being the best family run and most importantly affordable TV Aerial & Satellite Installation repair company in the South West (Bristol).
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Are you getting TV pixelation, Blocked images, TV picture breakup, Image freezes, Loss of sound or "No signal being received"?? These are due to Free-View interference Digital TV issues caused by a number of different factors.



Quality & Strength of your digital signal is very important.

Your TV cabling is very important, from your aerial, to your amp (if in-line), then your TV aerial coax flylead from your aerial socket.

Damaged aerial, misaligned, you may need a new compatible digital aerial.

You may have to little signal in which case a Booster/Signal amplifier could be needed, most commonly used if you’re feeding lots of TV’s around the home.

In some cases you may have to high a signal, you may be too close to the local transmitter & could be overloading your free-view digital reception.

Atmospheric weather conditions, bad weather can affect your digital TV signal. Strong winds, heavy rain (ingress), high pressure (weak signal areas).

Have you got a piece of equipment in-line? ie, splitter / booster / receiver / wiring. These could be at fault & causing a loss of your digital signal.

4G interference could be your problem due to the 800 MHz frequency that is very close to the UHF bandwidth. A filter or relocation of your aerial may be needed.

You may live close to let’s say a Taxi firm, CB user or police station who may use an unwanted radio signal from there transmitter. This can be overcome by using a “UHF Band Pass Filter” or a “High Pass Filter”..

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